Hemstitching for You

Burp Cloths

Below are burp cloths made by Gerber which can easily be hemstitched. They are made like cloth diapers so that the middle section is double thickness. They measure 19.5" X 14".  You can have the corner's curved if you want to crochet all they way around, or you can leave them as they are and crochet an edge only on the short sides.  Let me know which ones you want and how you want them hemstitched.  If hemstitched all the way around, they cost $6.00.  If hemstitched just on the ends they cost $5.00.



Gray Stripe


Stipes of Blue


Cars and Van

Pretty Stripes

Orange with Stripes

Lavender with Dots

Sitting on the Moon

Pink Stripes

Fire and Ambulance!

Blue Dots

Navy and Stripe

Stars in a Gray Sky

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Hemstitching For You